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PLAY3ABC’s co-operative pre-school program is unique and special in that staff, parents and children work, learn and grow together. We are a family based program run by the parents in our community. We believe that the foundation of life begins in the preschool years. Thus we provide an environment which allows each child to reach his/her maximum potential at each developmental stage. Each child is a unique individual and therefore the needs of each child shall be met by the staff and the program on an individual basis. Our preschool program focuses on the total development of the child-physical, intellectual, emotional and social. The program offers this by a “learning through play” atmosphere with a careful balance of free-choice activities and structured teacher activities. A special feature of the nursery school is the JK Readiness Program, designed to stimulate and encourage the development of academic and social skills needed by children entering Junior Kindergarten

Frequently Asked Questions:

What age children do you accept?

We take children from 24 months to 5 years old. There are limited spaces available for children 24-30 months old so book your spot early to avoid disappointment.

Will I have to volunteer in the classroom?

While we are a co-operative program, we require limited parent duties to be a member. Parent involvement in the classroom is encouraged, but not mandatory.  There are some duties that each family will have to carry out once per school year: laundry, making play-dough, library pickup, and classroom cleaning.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

No! Your child may be in diapers, in pull ups, in underpants and just beginning training! We understand that it’s a process and will support families in their potty training efforts.

Can my child start any time during the year?

Yes! Whenever your child meets the minimum age and/or you feel she is ready, you may enroll.  Even a few months of pre-school at the end of the school year can really help get your child ready for full time JK!

Do you do fundraising?

Yes, we carry out fundraising activities throughout the school year. We try to keep activities to things you would normally spend money on (Scholastic orders, Mabel’s Labels, Elmira Chicken etc) and a few larger events throughout the year (Mom to Mom sales, Family Day Pancake Breakfast and Skate, for example). We encourage people to become involved with fundraising activities in any way they can. We understand that people’s availability varies and we encourage you to find ways that you can help in fundraising activities through planning, organizing, or just serving up some hotcakes. As in the classroom, we recognize people have different strengths they bring to the table and we value whatever you are able to contribute.

I have more questions. Can I come in for a visit?

We love visitors! We are open weekdays from 9am-2pm and you are welcome to stop in. Call ahead so we know to expect you, and bring your little one to explore our wonderful classroom.

Contact Information and Location

We are conveniently located in the Carlisle Community Centre, 2nd Floor.
1496 Centre Rd,
Carlisle, ON  L0R 1H2

Phone: (905)-689-2307

Email:  info@abcnurseryschool.ca


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