Our Program


Sabrina JacobABC’s co-operative preschool program is unique and special in that staff, parents and children work, learn and grow together. We are a family based program administered by the parents in our community. We believe that the foundation of life begins in the preschool years. Thus, we provide an environment which allows each child to reach his/her maximum potential at each developmental stage. Each child is a unique individual and therefore the needs of each child shall be met by the staff and the program on an individual basis. Our preschool program is headed by an R.E.C.E. and focuses on the total development of the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being. The program offers this by a “learning through play” atmosphere with a careful balance of free-choice activities and teacher guided activities. A special feature of this program is a focus on JK Readiness. Programming is designed to stimulate and encourage the development of academic and social skills needed by children entering Junior Kindergarten.


The school year is structured with a series of different activities which are complemented by crafts, songs, stories, field trips and visitors.  All of these components are designed to heighten the child’s awareness of him/herself, the family and the community.


By painting, cutting and pasting, playing with puzzles, games and blocks, the children explore their artistic creativity and development fine motor skills.


Riding Toys, kitchen centre, drama centre, sand and water table, sensory bin and outdoor play enhance the development of gross motor skills and co-operation


Stories and discussions, singing and dancing are geared to current themes. Children learn to express themselves and formulate ideas with their classmates


Through songs and activities children learn the days of the week, the months, alphabet and numbers and other skills to help their transition to Kindergarten go smoothly. Daily activities include:

  • phonics
  • letter recognition (upper and lower case)
  • printing (children learn to recognize, spell and write their own name)
  • sorting (colour, size, patterns)
  • shapes
  • basic math skills
  • Working as a group, children learn how to co-operate and take turns, improve social skills, reasoning and manners.


readers choice


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