Our Teachers!

It takes a BIG heart to help shape little minds!



Miss Jennifer, ECE

Educational Team Leader & Teacher

Jennifer brings a positive vibe to the ABC classroom.  With over 20
years of ECE experience, she brings with her, a wealth of knowledge.  Particularly valuable, will be her four years as the ECE within a Kindergarten classroom.  Jennifer worked very closely with the Teacher, sharing in all planning and preparing duties. This will be a real asset to ABC’s JK readiness program.  With the children, she displays a great level of patience, and can remain calm in the most trying times.  Not only is she backed by her ECE experience, but she is family and community oriented, making for a welcoming environment for everyone.  Jennifer is most comfortable in the classroom and is looking forward to adding that missing piece, back into her daily life!


Miss KathyKathy-H-CC-200x300

Administrative Coordinator & Teacher

Kathy has a passion for working with children.  Her 27 years teaching children of all ages to learn to skate has allowed her to do what she loves.  She now brings her warm, caring and enthusiastic personality to the classroom every day.  From a comforting hug when needed, to high fives for a job well done, she makes every child feel welcome and loved at school.  Kathy looks forward each day to giving all children a happy and successful preschool experience.


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