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“The ‘learning through play’ program drew us in to having our son attend ABC.. Starting as a shy and quiet guy, he has flourished into a creative, social and curious individual who is fully prepared and excited for JK. The curriculum developed by the welcoming and passionate teachers has significantly improved his cognitive, language and social skills. He is always excited to go see his friends and as he leaves for JK, we are happily sending his little brother to take his spot. This school is a home away from home environment where the health and well-being of the children are the number one priority. As local business owners we know supporting this school through their initiatives like the upcoming silent auction and community sponsorship fundraiser not only supports this incredible nursery school but also supports the future generations of our community! ”

-Emily Sabourin, owner Magnet Signs Hamilton, ABC Executive Member and Parent

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Awesome Beginnings Co-operative Nursery School – 1496 Centre Road, Carlisle, ON L0R 1H2
General Inquiries: 905-689-2307  | Registration: 905-689-2307
Facebook:  Awesome Beginnings Co-operative Nursery School


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