What is a Co-op?

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A cooperative nursery school is organized and administered by the parents of the attending preschoolers. Mothers and fathers can serve as executive members, attend co-op meetings, work on committees, fundraise and assist in the classroom on a rotating basis (encouraged, but not required). This offers the parents the chance to be involved in their child’s early education and to have a voice in the daily operation of the school.

Parental assistance also means that fees can be kept low. A Co-operative offers families a chance to make new friends – people who acknowledge the importance of quality early childhood education, and who want to be part of it. Our Co-op works well simply because everyone works together to ensure that the exceptional quality of the school is maintained.

Awesome Beginnings Co-Operative Nursery School offers an exceptional introduction to your child’s first educational experience.

Parent Handbook

Awesome Beginnings Co-operative Nursery School – 1496 Centre Road, Carlisle, ON L0R 1H2  
General Inquiries: 905-689-2307  | Registration: 905-689-2307


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